The invitation to joint investment

We are looking for companies having work experience in the corresponding business for participation in investment projects in Ukraine to create joint
production in the spheres as follows:
-       production of metal constructions;
-       production of metal items for building industry;
-       production of shaped sheets, metal tile;
-       production of packaged buildings in the sphere of industrial, public and residential building industry;
-       production of sandwich, roof panels and Snappanels;
-       production of packaged buildings, light steel constructions for public and individual residential buildings;
-       production of packaged buildings, wooden constructions, insulating panels for individual residential buildings.
-       production of sheets of plywood;
-       production of OSB abatement slabs;
-       production of millwork;
-       production of laminate timbers;
-       production of wooden houses.



Subject-matter of the investment offer

The owner offers two variants of cooperation:
1) Co-investment.
The present offer lies in joint foundation of a company, its owners being the industrial estate property owner and companies performing sales on the
territory of Ukraine on the one side and investor’s structure on the other side. The aim of the project is to create a new legal entity and to promote
further production and realisation on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
The owner is particularly interested in companies having work experience and know-how in this business. The owner’s investment in this joint project will
be industrial estate property objects with the total area of 32,000 square metres, warehouses, office buildings on the production area, land area of 8
hectares with the plant on it, and land area in 25 kilometres from the centre of Kyiv with the total area of 7 hectares on the territory of an industrial
park being built with such companies neighbouring as the “Rukki” plant of Finland. Moreover, the owner is to invest monetary funds. The shares in this joint
business shall be fixed separately.
2) Creation of joint sales company as the second level of cooperation. The company might sell the products of your company as well, introducing it into the
already existing sales structure in all regions of Ukraine and Belarus, Southwestern regions of Russia, usage of existing groundwork and ties with public
organisations and state authorities.

Marketing grounding

We have been working at the market of skeleton constructions, walling, sandwich, roof and side panels, metal constructions, and of unit container-type
constructions for 11 years. During these 11 years, we have constructed plenty of buildings and accumulated considerable experience.
Even in this crisis times, the analysts evaluate Ukrainian market of walling constructions as equal to 1,900,000.00 square metres, the market of
prefabricated houses, for instance the ones of Canadian technology, are assessed in 200 million Euros though it is only arising.
The plant is situated in 2.5 hours ride from Kyiv on the border of three republics: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Convenient geographical location,
international Kyiv-Moscow-Riga highway, proximity to economic and industrial centres and huge woodland area jointly create advantages in raw material
supplies and integrated products delivery to the markets of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus with the total population of 210 million people.

Object description
Town of Gorodnya, Chernigiv Region, Ukraine.
International highways of:
Kyiv-Chernigiv-St. Petersburg-Riga.
All engineering services, power supply, gas available.
195 kilimetres from Kyiv;
35 kilometres to the Russian border;
35 kilometres to the Belarus border.

Contact us at:

7-A Konduktorskaya St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01038
Tel.:     +38(067)408-40-55